Our projects focus on six thematic areas: High rise buildings & waste, Business Parks & BIZ, Trade Fairs, Education, Sustainability & Circular Economy and Smart Green Logistics. We also works on cross-cutting System Initiatives including metrics, business models, innovation and regional networks.

High Rise Buldings & Waste

Together with Rebel Group, ZeroWaste!foundation has developed an approach for zero waste at new high-rise locations. Placing containers for separate flows on the street does not work in these kinds of areas. Provide smart technical solutions in the home, the building and the area. And for fewer rubbish trucks from collectors on the street by organizing collection and transport differently. Motto: More comfort through smart technology.

Business Park

Industrial waste accounts for 80% of all waste in the Netherlands. Together with companies on a business park or a business investment zones (BIZ), the ZeroWaste!foundation goes on a zero-waste expedition. We help companies to minimize their total spillage. Not only waste is spillage! but we add, water, energy, and efforts, thereby achieving rapid sustainability and circular economy gaining considerable cost savings. Green is dough! we also support business parks to set up an effective and circular BIZ.

Trade Fairs

ZeroWaste!foundation organised several extensive programme on zerowaste management. Our main yearly event is interclean trade fair in the RAI. We count with a separate hall for companies that want to profile themselves with sustainable, circular, cleaning products and appliances.


ZeroWaste!foundation organize, so-called, the anatomy classes, where we can kick-off projects and meetings with our unique lesson. The participants sort waste bags on a large table and discuss the possibilities for recycling and reuse. afterwards, a calculation is made of possible payback effects. Our experience is that the anatomy lesson opens eyes and stimulates participants to boost or initiate a zero-waste project or define zero-waste goals.

Sustainability & Circular Economy

ZeroWaste!foundation provides an effective sustainability  & circular scan, which can be described as a systematic process of assessing an organization’s activities in order to establish a baseline to explore opportunities for improvement.

Our scan may include environmental controls of areas such as energy, waste, and water or we can go further with a more sophisticated analysis of management systems, community involvement, and performance indicators.

A scan will define your company baseline and it will become the first step to making real changes in your operations and staff. During our scan, we include aspects such as lights, fixtures, recycling, social commitment, alternative transportation infrastructure, office equipment, among others.

Green Smart Logistics

Green smart logistics is part of the future! And refers to the process of reducing damage to the environment in logistics and transportation operations. The process lends itself toward sustainability and eco-friendly transportation.

If you want to make changes to your business, it is necessary to understand exactly what you need to do, and what we mean when we talk about green logistics. In short, green logistics includes any effort a company makes to lower their emissions and generally reduce their pollution produced from all logistical endeavors’. That will include changes being made in the flow of products, information and services, and the more of these that you pay attention to, the better.

By implementing a variety of green logistics tactics, a company can massively reduce their impact on the ecology of the planet, while boosting their brand image and keeping their costs down. ZeroWaste!foundation knows exactly what you have to do!