We take pride in our partnered relationships!

ZeroWaste!foundation understand the importance of partnership. In essence, it helps us to achieve our mission! We build our relationships with loyalty, professionalism and visionary ideas. Our community are top companies bringing their innovative solutions and experience in action.


cityhub offers warehouse space on the outskirts of cities for businesses and individuals. In addition, cityhub provides green city transport from these distribution centres, such as in Utrecht and Roermond. There, orders are collected, transhipped and delivered to the city via environmentally friendly transport by road or water. cityhub is an important player in the development of eco-smart mobility.


Duurzaamhuren is a Dutch company that specialises in the rental and sale of composting machines.

The composting machine processes all your kitchen waste and swill within 24 hours and reduces this to only 8% in volume. Thanks to the heat and acid resistant bacterial culture a very fast composting process is created. This will save you costs on waste processing and you will earn the machine back in 2 to 5 years.


TORK is a brand of Essity, world leader in hygiene and health products. TORK PaperCircle® is an initiative to remanufacture used paper towels into tissue products. After successful pilots with partners in Germany and the Netherlands, TORK PaperCircle® is now being offered to all interested parties. TORK PaperCircle® will reduce waste by 20% and reduce the ecological footprint by at least 40%.


GreenpointSolutions creates customised solutions for optimising internal and external raw material logistics in kitchens. By means of vacuum technology and closed bulk storage, unnecessary transport of organic material and deep-frying oil is reduced as much as possible. With the specially developed, advanced Mining Greenpoint web portal, data can be directed to reduction in real time. Through benchmarking and automatic reporting tools, food waste can be reduced.


Bottlenecker Group is a developer and manufacturer of glass reduction equipment and market leader in the Netherlands. The Botlite120, the Botlite Box and the Botlite Bidon are increasingly being used in the hospitality industry but also in other industries. These three Botlite machines can make recyclable shards from empty bottles effectively and quietly.


The proven TGMi design of waste disposal units has been made in Europe for more than 50 years. TheGreenMachine supplies a TGMi unit in which virtually all food waste can be disposed of and processed with limited transport and odour nuisance.


ATM service is an innovative company that develops, manufactures, and maintains modern environmental equipment for organisations committed to effective waste and resource management. For the Fastfood sector, a special, vertical press installation has been developed that can increase the capacity of 240 or 360 litre mini-containers by 400%.


Flynther supplies packaging materials, such as waste boxes for hazardous waste in health care. Think of hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories, and for some time now also for other companies such as hotels. The water resistant box has many advantages in terms of costs, logistics and environment.


GREENTRASH is an innovative, sustainable player in the field of waste reduction and smart circular systems. With the machines Superlizzy and Bin-e, GREENTRASH offers appropriate solutions in the field of efficient waste management. Superlizzy gives a volume reduction of up to 90% and is equipped with automatic moisture separation. The Bin-e is a smart, automatic waste separation machine and improves the recycling chain by separating raw materials immediately after deposit.