Our board

Our Board members are from public and private sector. They are determined to stop spilling, achieve sustainability and circular economy.

Cor Gerritsen

Cor is co-founder and chairman of the foundation. He has been working in the international world of industrial waste and raw materials for 40 years. He is an expert in the field of modern and environmental equipment and Smart City Logistics, including modal shift and zero emission cargo transportation over water. Cor is senior manager at Renewi and member of the Evofenedex Region board.

Richard Van Batenburg

Richard is co-founder and he is our expert in the field of collection, processing of hazardous (waste) substances and logistics of raw materials. He has 38 years of experience in the world of waste and raw materials. Richard is a Senior Sales Engineer at Renewi.

Frits Steenhuisen

Frits is our advisor in waste policy, in particular household waste. He has been working for more than 35 years to achieve the highest separation targets at municipalities. Frits is director of CREM Waste Management BV.

Andres Fellenberg Van der Molen

Andres serves as our Secretary of the board, and he is our expert in the Hotel and Service industry, with more than 18 years in this field. Andres count with different specializations in the field of Auditing, Certification, Sustianbility, Green Bonds, Energy Efficiancy, Circular Economy, CSR, SDG, ESG, and Chain of Custody for the hotel industry and other sectors. Andres is the Director  of Green Partner Audits & Consultancy B.V

Lourens Aalders

Lourens serves as our Tresurer of the board, is an expert in the field of sustainable optimisation of organisations and policies in the world of From Waste to Resource (VANG). He also implements changes in organisations and/or policy on an interim basis. Multimodality, flexibility and sustainability in logistics are starting points in his thinking process. In his work, he is analytical, reliable, creative and innovative, and continuously develops in the field of Circular Economy and ZeroWaste. Lourens is director of Akwadraat Consultancy BV and participates in various national networks.